Food For Good Meal Solutions


Going Digital

Like many others companies, PepsiCo too, transitioning to the digital space and developing B2B eCommerce platform allowing nonprofits and NGO’s to order, manage and and ship food products to communities across the country.


I was hired by PepsiCo to lead all aspects of design including Research, UX Planning, UX/U Design, Visual Design, and the implementation.


Impacting communities

This project is more exceptional because it impacts the lives of communities relying on food products to stay healthy and even in some cases to survive when it comes to emergency meal kits food delivery. All the UX points connecting between the business and the customer are critical because they both direct and indirect impact people and how fast they get their food products.



Research & Discovery

through questionnaires and meetings to discover business, customers, and user needs.


team collaboration on defining shippable product stages. ex: consumer facing frontend, choosing a design framework.

UX Planning

Through MVP’s, prioritizing features for different releases

Design Phase I

Consumer side MVP user journeys, technical user flows and customer profiles

Design Phase II

Consumer MVP low-fi wireframes to communicate design decisions, through hifi prototype including visual design

Design Phase III

Architecting first version design system aligned with the material design framework

Backend Design Phase I

Planning MVP, Data Prioritization, IA and Layout

Backend Design Phase I

Designing primary backend screens to fully support frontend consumer side

the product

Food For Good Meal Solution